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Saint Martin Asil Club

Saint Martin Info

Siant Martin (Sint Maarten) is located in the Caribbean Sea. Some 150 miles southeast of the island of Puerto Rico. The island measures about 37 square miles. The Dutch side spanning 16 square miles and the French side covering 21 square miles. One part is ruled by the Dutch governement the other part by the Frech governement. The island has two capitals: Philipsburg (Sint Maarten) and Marigot is the capital of Saint Martin. Due to the ethnic variety several langauges are spoken: English, Dutch, Spanish, Papiamento and Creole Patois. The climate is sunny and warm all the year-round, with some cooling from trade winds. Average temperature during the winter season is 80F (27C) and a few degrees warmer during the summer. Saint Martin (Sint Maarten) is largely green, but dry. Its topography encompasses bays, coves and coastal flats pocketed with salt ponds. The interior is hilly, with the island's highest point Pic Paradise rising up a cool 424m (1390ft). The west side of the island is dominated by Simpson Bay Lagoon, one of the largest landlocked bodies of water in the Caribbean. A variety of bird species can be observed as well a quite big lizard population.

Where to find Saint Martin (Sint Maarten) ?

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